Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is capturing and exchanging critical voice and data on-the-go; improving productivity, driving operational efficiencies and enhancing critical team and customer communications.

Mobile Computing

The Motorola family of mobile computing hardware and software, including handheld computers, vehicle-mounted computers and wearable computers, allow your team to access their information when they need it. Motorola offers products suitable to a variety of work environments, including hard conditions.

Enterprise Voice

Turn the desk phone and desktop into a pocket-sized virtual office. TEAM Voice Over WLAN (VoWLAN) allows on-the-move team members to carry out the actions needed, wherever they are on the enterprise campus. Capabilities can also be extended out using available cellular technologies.

Bar Codes and RFID

Williams Communication Services can deploy a Motorola bar code or RFID solution to meet your organization’s needs, including Fixed Mount Scanners, General Purpose Scanners, Handheld Scanners, and Rugged Scanners. We will ensure superior data capture performance and can extend seamless integration with other information system.

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